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Join Conversation on IRC
« on: July 01, 2014, 07:40:43 pm »
The official Boolberry IRC channel is #boolberry on freenode.

Quick IRC Intro

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the internet’s original Instant Messaging (IM) system. There are many ways to access IRC such as through your browser or a stand alone client.

IRC runs on servers (also called networks) and these servers have channels where the conversations take place. In our case we are interested with the server and the channel #boolberry (channel names start with #).

The easiest way to start IRC is use freenode’s webchat in your browser. Go to, enter a nickname, the channel name, and the captcha.

Most people prefer to use a dedicated client and there is one for almost any device that connects to the internet. There is a long list of clients on Wikipedia or you can just search on G. Find one for your operating system and give it a try.

Note – I use Quassel on Linux and Windows.